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T.O.P. Management


Each day our goal is to provide every client with the optimal exposure to the right assets, in the right allocation at the right time. In today’s advanced stage of both globalization and globalism, there is no longer any such thing as a domestic investment. Increasingly, investment returns are influenced and driven by global factors. HAHN rigorously tracks long-term strategic themes as they develop. A global perspective provides access to the broadest spectrum of asset classes and is an essential component in the investment decision making process


There are times when particular asset classes and markets do not behave rationally. This presents opportunities to either take on more risk when it is cheap or sell risk when it is expensive. Based on our relative risk and return forecasts, HAHN actively shifts a portfolio’s asset exposures to take advantage of these opportunities. This active approach to asset allocation affords the opportunity to protect client portfolios against the short term effects of market variability while participating in the upside potential provided by long-term investing in the capital markets


In 2003 HAHN was the first to offer global balanced strategies using ETF securities exclusively. These securities have since found broader acceptance among retail and institutional investors because of their many benefits. These include pure asset type exposures without single company risk, greater liquidity and the ability to manage portfolios cost effectively with agility. We continuously refine our screening process and security analysis as the number and type of ETF securities evolve.