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Larry Berman

Meet Larry Berman

Every Monday at 11:30AM E.S.T., Larry takes calls and answers questions on BNN's popular TV show Berman's Call. On the show, Larry analyzes the macroeconomic trends that may affect your invesments and helps you to understand key technical indicators that tell you where the markets may be headed.

Larry is a co-founder of ETF Capital Management, a wealth management firm that specializes in bespoke investment portfolios for high net worth families and individuals. The ETF Capital Management active management appraoch to investing involves the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in client portfolios to minimize transaction costs and preserve wealth.

Larry is also a co-founder of the Independent Investor Institute, an organization dedicated to Candian investor education. The Institute offers hands-on training for self-directed investors who want to learn how to effectively manage their own portfolios. All courses involve a practical component that allow students to hone their skills before applying it to the real markets. The institute also offers a free beginner worksop to introduce you to the concepts and methodology that make Larry's classes unique.