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How to choose the best venue for your event

April 25th, 2017 by

Planning an event? Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right room


Location, location, location. It can make the difference between an average event or unforgettable experience. So when seeking out the perfect meeting or event room, here are some things to keep in mind.

5 tips for choosing the perfect event venue

1. Budget

This is one that can quickly get out of hand if not easily managed. When calling around, make sure the venue representative is aware of any budget restrictions. Inquire about daily room rental, wi-fi rates, meal options, parking, and even minimum guestroom reservation. 

2. Discounts and Group Packages

Venues want to build a relationship with event planners as this solidifies future business opportunities. Find out what it is they can offer and advise that you're shopping around. Although you are committed to creating the best experience for your guests, it doesn't hurt to ask for a special incentive. A longer guest list may help lower the cost-per-plate or room rental rates. More guests often means more incentives.

3. Visuals

There's nothing worse than getting a great deal on a room to find out it's not what you expected. Before making the trip for a personal visit, make sure to ask for current pictures. If they can't provide any, start looking elsewhere. Any class establishment should have visuals on hand for this reason. 

4. Transportation

Your guests' modes of transportation can and often will decide whether or not they attend. Consider who's attending and where most guests will be travelling from. Expecting college students? Choose a location on or close to a campus or one that is transit-accessible.  Make sure you work out parking availability as this too can make or break your event (this would be the perfect time to seek a special parking discount). Your guests will appreciate the courtesy—and may even invite others.

5.  Environment

Before anything, do a quick search of the businesses surrounding all of your potential venues. Surroundings can speak volumes about an event. Your guests may be used to a certain lifestyle or environment. Don't stray too far from their expectations. Make sure the area caters to and complements your event's main purpose.