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7 ways to get the most out of your online return with H&R Block

March 28th, 2017 by

A few time-saving tips for filing online


With H&R Block’s Personalized Tax Tips at your fingertips, filing online makes for a better night’s sleep when all is claimed and entered. Log in, cash out, and rest easy. 

Here are a few of our own tips to help you get even more out of your online experience with H&R Block this tax season.

7 helpful tips for filing online with H&R Block

  1. Kickstart your return by signing up for MyAccount.

    If time is money, H&R Block’s auto-fill feature is gold. To use it, you’ll need to register with CRA’s MyAccount. You can do this over the phone or through the CRA website in just a few steps. Before starting your H&R Block return online, you can use the auto-fill feature to complete most (or all) of your return in just one click.
  2. Filed online last year? Have your digital return ready. 

    With H&R Block’s import feature, you can ensure continuity from year-to-year without any heavy-lifting—even if you filed elsewhere last year. Simply select the file from your desktop and let H&R Block’s online system do the rest. 
  3. Don’t leave your return’s approval to chance.

    CRA can choose to audit or reassess your return at any time for up to seven years—even after you get your notice of assessment. With H&R Block’s Audit Protection service, you get a full year of support from an online Tax Expert who will help you prepare, walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have about the review.
  4. Finish the whole family’s tax returns in one stretch…

    H&R Block offers bulk pricing on couples’ returns and allows for multiple returns under the same profile. This means you can complete returns for yourself, your spouse, your children, your children’s children—and the list goes on (what would the family do without you?). 
  5. …or several stretches, if you please.

    H&R Block’s auto-save feature makes it easy to start a return and come back in stages. Tackle segments where time permits (and feel free to fit in a spa visit or two in between).
  6. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

    The convenience of filing online with H&R Block means there’s no reason to put off taxes until the April 30 deadline. If you’re owed money, don’t leave your hard-earned dollars with CRA for any longer than you have to. If you owe money, filing early means you have more time to plan for the payments. 
  7. Keep a digital copy of your return stored in a safe and secure location—or two.

    It’s a good idea to organize your tax documents into a folder on your desktop safekeeping. It’s a better idea to insure against hard drive failures with H&R Block’s seven-year return storage. 

    Your future self will thank you for it.
Jun 28 2017 10:56pm

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