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5 things we loved about filing online with H&R Block

March 20th, 2017 by

The rise of the paperless tax return


The Beatles sang “all you need is love”. H&R Block says, “all you need is a wi-fi connection”.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, 82 percent of the more than 25 million tax returns filed for 2015 were filed online. This year, some of our team joined that growing number and filed online with H&R Block. And—no surprises—we loved it. 

Here are 5 reasons to file online with H&R Block

  1. Pricing

    Do-it-yourself tax preparation and filing are growing in popularity largely because of the cost savings. H&R Block offers pricing plans that range from free (!) to $24.99. The most comprehensive package includes professional reviews, immediate technical support, audit protection, and return storage. An even more in-depth Expert Review can also be added. That’s a good reason to pass on high accounting fees, or the stress of D.I.Y.
  2. Accuracy 

    H&R Block uses CRA's new auto-fill feature making it easy to complete sections of your tax return with increased accuracy and with minimal data entry. The system automatically completes parts of your tax return based on the tax information and income slips the CRA has by the time of your filing. To use the service, register with CRA’s MyAccount and ensure all amounts are correct and appropriately split between you and your spouse, if applicable. 
  3. Clarity

    To take the guesswork out of DIY tax filing, H&R Block uses “hot buttons". When you hover the mouse over these orange-coloured question marks located at the top right corner of each page, more in-depth information is available. Click on the button to dig even deeper into the topic in question without losing your place on the form. 
  4. Advice

    Near the end of the form, you’ll find personalized H&R Block Tax Tips. Now all relevant tax tips are in one easy-to-access location.  
  5. Diligence

    Once you’ve completed all the fields, H&R Block will identify any credits you’ve missed and may be able to claim. Sometimes we don’t fully understand how certain credits work and don’t realize that we’re eligible for them. This system ensures you get every dollar or credit for which you’re eligible.

The bottom line

Easy navigation, a full tax summary, a concise explanation of tax owing and credits earned, and a straightforward way to file online make H&R Block’s online tax filing system one of the best things about tax season. But we love the amount of our tax refund even more! 


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