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From pickling mania to silver lining, here's what's trending for 2017

December 18th, 2016 by

Eight crazes that will shape the next year


Perhaps one of the loveliest parts of achieving a “certain age” is enjoying the freedom to look at trends with a gimlet eye, taking what suits and tossing the rest. Here’s what’s trending in 2017. See anything you like?

Top trends for 2017

Conscious hydration…. What is in those $40 S’well bottles? Reverse osmosis. Ionized water. Cucumber infusions. Apparently, increasing the alkaline in your aqua can boost metabolism, reduce bone loss, annihilate free radicals and provide antioxidant, anti-aging benefits. All that in a sip of water and a fancy thermos. If you don’t believe us, (and why would you, we are not nutritionists), just ask Dr. Oz.

Grey tresses… Once a hair colour reserved for grandparents and aging California hippies, the hottest hair today is grey, baby. Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have all faked it in attempts to emulate silvery tones. If you’re not ready for the full effect, think: “grey ombré”. Nice, right? Now waiting for crows’ feet to make it into fashion. #grannyhair

Keeping profits… The best part about successfully investing your savings is the mo’ money part. The downside is parting with a chunk of the profits due to capital gains tax. Saving in an RRSP can offset this, but won’t help if you need the money before you retire, say for a cottage or vacation. Smart cookies are putting cash into Tax-Free Savings Accounts – a brilliant way to save money and use it, not lose it.

Haute houseplants – Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year is “greenery” and by no coincidence, houseplants are back – they perk up a room, freshen the air and pump out oxygen like it’s Las Vegas. Now that you no longer pull all-nighters and sustain yourself on crackers and beer, it’s passé to humble-brag that you’re too busy to keep a plant alive. Green thumbs are a source of pride and gratification.

Nipple butter… Pregnant in your mid-40s? Pffft, who isn’t these days? Janet Jackson though, pregnant at the age of 50, now that’s hot. According to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, nearly 750 women between the ages of 50-54 gave birth in 2014, an increase of nearly 10% over 2013 and 300% since 2002. Anti-aging treatments for ovaries… oh, it’s happening.  

Smarter plastic…With so many credit card choices, there’s no reason to have pointless plastic taking up precious wallet space. If you want to travel, get the card with the highest travel points. If you’re charitable, get the card that gives every time you buy. Life is too short to spend with the wrong card.

Hygge is big… This Danish lifestyle trend is not going anywhere, it’s only expanding from the 20-somethings who started pinning it, to the 30-somethings who brought it into their living rooms, to the 40-somethings who secretly Google it, to the 50-somethings who are now at the precipice of asking, “What’s hygge?”. See: Pinterest/hygge.

Personal provisions…. Dinner parties, family meals, meh, that’s kids’ stuff. Far more interesting is creating your own ingredients. The recently semi-retired are nuts about making cashew butter with rosemary from their herb gardens. Making marmalade is their jam. Pantries are filling up with homemade preserved lemons, coconut milk and habanero hot sauce. And everything is getting pickled. 

Just getting started...

Surely there are more but we have holiday shopping to do. Wishing you a happy and hyggey new year!

Jun 28 2017 10:57pm

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