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What will 2015 bring for investors?

October 14th, 2014 by

Investing expert Larry Berman shares his insights on an upcoming cross-Canada tour. Here's your exclusive preview...


Larry Berman, host of Berman’s Call on BNN, previews his keynote address for his upcoming fall speaking tour, a cross-Canada series of free investor education events...


QE, or Quantitative Easing, is the policy tool that central banks have used to lower long-term interest rates after pushing short-term interest rates to near zero. This fiscal stimulus was introduced to combat the 2008/2009 financial crisis and has propelled markets to all-time highs – rewarding equity investors and pushing everyone in need of income to take on more equity risk. This, of course, has hurt savers and has created asset bubbles in things like Canadian real estate and high dividend-paying stocks.

Now, as 2015 approaches, this stimulus is starting to be withdrawn and the pace appears set to accelerate in the New Year. Will 2015 bring the first of the interest rate increases, too?

The post-QE world

In the post-QE world, you’ll need to understand how these assets will behave so you can protect your money and make it grow. Although no one really knows what will happen, one distinct possibility is a “liquidity trap” – a scenario that has kept rates and economic growth near rock-bottom levels in Japan for 25 years. During my upcoming cross-Canada tour of free educational events, I will discuss what central banks are doing to try and avoid repeating Japan’s fate, and what role governments will need to play in rehabilitating markets so they can slowly take away the punch bowl.

What you can do about it

I’ll also share my views on how to position your portfolio to take part in whatever upside may be left in markets, and how to take advantage of a correction so you can sleep at night without fearing a market pullback. Finally, I’ll outline how to put “guru” forecasts in context and evaluate the ideas you get from the financial media.

I want to help you understand what you’re buying, when to get out, and if it’s right for you. Learn more about why you should attend one of our free investor education events here.

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Upcoming tour dates include...

British Columbia:

Kelowna – 11/5
Victoria – 11/6
Vancouver – 11/8


Calgary – 10/23
Edmonton 10/26


London – 10/21
Hamilton – 10/22
Ottawa – 11/18
Toronto – 11/30


Montreal – 11/19


Winnipeg – 10/28


Regina – 10/29
Saskatoon – 04/22

Nova Scotia:

Halifax – 11/20

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