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11 reasons why baby boomers and millennials should be BFFs

December 1st, 2013 by

Because youth and experience should go hand-in-hand (literally)


We need collaboration in our lives. We thrive on it. We succeed because of it. But up until now, the kids have sat at the kid's table while the grown-ups talked real business across the hall.

However, with the baby boomers hanging up their suede boots in ever-growing numbers, the world is going to experience a shift in which it finds itself reliant in the hands of the inexperienced. The supply end of the economic cycle might be lagging a bit if Gen-Millen isn't prepared to take the reigns. Meanwhile, the demand end of it will be heavier than ever.

They often say youth is wasted on the young, but perhaps it's also true that experience is wasted on the experienced. 

Aging population

In 2011, Statistics Canada found that 14.4 percent of Canada was over the age of 65. The first baby boomers weren't even 65 yet. That would come a year later. With one in ten people in Canada being a baby boomer, you can imagine what the blueprint will look like in 18 years when the last of the baby boomers get ready to retire - when Canada's newborns begin entering adulthood. 

You can probably also imagine why it's important that baby boomers and millennials consider becoming best friends. Millennials need guidance. And baby boomers need help setting up their LinkedIn accounts.

11 reasons why millennials and baby boomers should be BFFs

  1. Millennials can teach baby boomers how to make the most of technology. Baby boomers can teach millennials how to make the most of sunlight.
  2. Baby boomers can help millennials nail that vintage style they're going for. All their friends at school will be so jealous.
  3. Baby boomers can help millennials plan for retirement, since many millennials have never even heard the terms "401(k)" or "RRIF".
  4. Baby boomers have seen up to 11 recessions in their lifetime. They can help soothe the worries of millennials and let them know: everything's going to be alright. 
  5. Millennials (78 percent of them, to be precise) spend money because of their friends, according to a survey by AICPA and the Ad Council. Baby boomers can explain to millennials why that's foolish.
  6. Baby boomers (50 percent of them, anyway) spend money on supporting their children (who, by the way, are aged 18-39), according to a study last year by the National Centre for Policy Analysis. Millennials could explain to baby boomers why that's foolish.
  7. Baby boomers can introduce millennials to their network of friends and professionals - and maybe even help millennials land a job. 
  8. The two can get together and sing You're My Best Friend by Queen to lighten up the mood at the retirement home.
  9. Drawing from #8, they can have a reality show way better than anything Paris Hilton has ever concocted. 
  10. Since more millennials are turning to entrepreneurship while most baby boomers took to the corporate ladder, they can share and compare one another's experiences. They can live vicariously through one another.
  11. They can share each other's breadth of knowledge, go to each other for advice, get lunch at places neither of them would ever normally go to with their current circle of friends, and help each other live the ways they really want to. As the old adage goes: you must know where you've come from to know where you're going.

Best friends for life

About 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs, according to The Wall Street Journal. Many of these programs are in place for specific training purposes designed to benefit the corporate bottom line.

However, mentoring is an ancient practice designed to train youngsters in all aspects of life - not just work. The word is derived from the elderly character Mentor in Homer's Odyssey, whose image and likeness were used to guide young Telemachus, one of the central characters. And guess what - the guidance helped.

Indeed,  for best results - youth and experience should go hand-in-hand (literally).

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